Rapid Test for COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

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Alliance Xpress Urgent Care is now offering Rapid Tests for COVID-19, with results available in 15 minutes! These tests are available in both our Dublin, Virginia and Covington, Virginia locations, with walk-in appointments accepted.  

Learn more about what to expect when you visit Alliance Xpress Urgent Care for a rapid COVID-19 test. 

What is the Rapid Test like?

After providing an evaluation, one of our providers will use a nasal swab inside your nose to retrieve a sample to test for COVID-19. This process shouldn’t be painful, but may be uncomfortable. 

How long will I wait for results?

Results from a Rapid Test will be available within 15 minutes! 

covid testing alliance xpressHow is the Rapid Test for COVID-19 different from a lab test?

A lab test (or molecular test) requires a nasal swab, and detects genetic material from the virus. This type of test requires analysis in a laboratory, and offers results in a few days.

A Rapid Test (or antigen test) requires a nasal swab, and detects proteins from the virus. Results are available in minutes. 

Can anyone get a Rapid Test?

Our healthcare providers will determine which test is right for you after providing an assessment. The Rapid Test is designed for screening of COVID-19 infection in symptomatic patients, while the lab test is more accurate for screening patients who are not showing symptoms. 

What does it mean if my Rapid Test is positive?

A positive test means you very likely are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Your healthcare provider will share information for isolating and monitoring your health. 

What does it mean if my Rapid Test is negative?

A negative Rapid Test result does not rule out COVID-19 infection, as this type of test is not as sensitive as a traditional lab test. A negative result indicates that antigens were not present on the nasal swab when tested. With a Rapid Test a positive result is highly accurate, but a negative result does not rule out infection. 

If you receive a negative test result, your healthcare provider will discuss next steps with you, which may include additional testing or isolation. 

Have more questions? Visit the CDC COVID-19 website or contact us to learn more about Rapid COVID Testing. 

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