Common Spring Ailments: Allergies, Rashes & Injuries

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Each spring at Alliance Xpress Urgent Care we see a number of patients with allergies, rashes and injuries – oh my! Take a look at some of these common spring ailments to learn how we can help you feel better and get back to enjoying the season.


Spring allergies arise from blooms and buds that we love, with tree pollen causing most of our problems in Virginia. These allergens hit especially hard in April, followed by grass pollen in May and June. Allergies can be so disruptive you might be staying indoors and missing out on the beautiful spring weather. 

Seasonal allergies can last for several weeks and include symptoms like: 

  • Sneezing
  • Running/stuffy nose
  • Headaches
  • Itchy/watery eyes

How AXUC Can Help: 

  • If you’re not feeling well, Alliance Xpress Urgent Care will provide a full assessment. 
  • Our team can advise you on the best care plan for your seasonal allergies, including writing prescriptions for allergy medication if needed.

Poison Ivy

Outdoor adventures can lead to poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak reactions. The American Skin Association estimates that 85 percent of the population is allergic to these plants, resulting in a “contact dermatitis” reaction upon coming into contact. redness, blisters and severe itching. 

Common symptoms of poison ivy include redness, blisters and severe itching. A rash from poison ivy can last two weeks, and can create a risk of bacterial infection if not properly cared for. 

How AXUC Can Help:

  • At Alliance Xpress Urgent care, our team can provide topical treatments to help relieve the bothersome symptoms of poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak. 
  • Our providers may recommend steroids (via pills or injection) for severe reactions
  • We conduct a medical evaluation of your rash to determine if it is in fact poison ivy. 
    • The COVID-19 virus causes a rash for some people, appearing frequently on toes, extremities and the torso. These bumps could be confused with poison ivy. An evaluation from a medical provider will ensure you are receiving the proper treatment for your rash (and not unknowingly spreading the COVID-19 virus).


As athletics resume and we get outdoors more frequently in the spring, urgent care providers begin to see more sprains, strains and broken bones. 

University of Rochester Medical Center presents a helpful breakdown of these injuries

  • Sprains occur when a ligament is stretched or torn. 
  • Strains are the twist, pull or tear of a muscle or tendon. 
  • Breaks are a fracture, chip or break in your bone. 

It can be challenging to know whether your injury is due to a sprain, strain or break, as they can all lead to severe pain and swelling. It’s best to see a medical professional for an evaluation and treatment plan. 

How AXUC Can Help

  • We provide X-Rays onsite, so we can immediately assess your injury.
  • Our team can stabilize the injury, immobilize broken bones with a splint and then refer you to a specialist for follow up.
  • Alliance Xpress Urgent Care offers extended service hours to help you get the care you need, when you need it! 

As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency you should dial 911. 

Check out our blog for more information about the services offered at Alliance Xpress Urgent Care.

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