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Treating Cuts and Scrapes

Summer is around the corner, and for many of us  it can’t come soon enough. It’s a time for barbecues, swimming, bike rides, and spending time outside: playing sports, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. However, these fun outdoor activities bring inevitable...

Managing Insect Bites and Stings

As the weather warms up, many of us will start heading outdoors to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Whether you are planning a picnic at your favorite park or a week-long camping trip, spending time outdoors brings an increased risk of insect bites and bee stings....

Seasonal Allergies

The weather is starting to warm up as we head into spring - and with that warm weather comes seasonal allergies. Do you find yourself plagued by itchy eyes, a runny nose, and endless sneezing every time you venture outdoors in the spring? According to the CDC, you may...

Safe Spring Break

Tips for a Safe Spring Break We’ve made it through the middle of winter, and spring is just around the corner! With spring comes more outdoor activities - and spring break. Read on for some tips for a safe - and fun! - spring break! Know what to expect While we seem...

We are Here to Help You Feel Better

At Alliance Xpress Urgent Care, we are here for all of your urgent (or just nagging) medical conditions, with walk-in care available seven days a week. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, much of our focus has been on providing the testing services needed by our...

Winter Injuries

Common Winter Injuries - and How to Avoid Them Ice, snow, and other weather hazards are ever-present in many parts of the country during the winter months. Emergency rooms and urgent care practices regularly see patients for winter-related injuries - many of which are...

All About Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is a respiratory infection that typically affects the bronchi, which are the two tubes that allow air to travel from your mouth to your lungs. You may experience this condition if you have an upper respiratory tract infection (URI) which causes...

Common Spring Ailments: Allergies, Rashes & Injuries

Each spring at Alliance Xpress Urgent Care we see a number of patients with allergies, rashes and injuries – oh my! Take a look at some of these common spring ailments to learn how we can help you feel better and get back to enjoying the season.

Antibiotic Use: What’s the Harm?

If you’ve been feeling ill, you might think an antibiotic is the quickest way to feel better. In fact, antibiotics are only effective in specific scenarios. And misusing antibiotics won’t just fail to make you feel better, it can lead to antibiotic resistance. 

Rapid Test for COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Alliance Xpress Urgent Care is now offering Rapid Tests for COVID-19, with results available in 15 minutes! These tests are available in both our Dublin, Virginia and Covington, Virginia locations, with walk-in appointments accepted.  

Healthy Hearts: Food Choices

One of the main factors for keeping your heart healthy is choosing the right foods. While a diet overhaul might seem overwhelming, you can start by focusing on better choices can impact your heart health. Check out these heart healthy choices you can begin making today! 

Stay active indoors this winter

With colder weather approaching and numerous experts recommending against congregating in large groups, it looks like exercise will be moving to indoor, at-home sessions this winter.

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

Learn about the additional steps we are taking to ensure our facilities remain safe places for you to confidently receive care during COVID-19.

Treating Common Summer Injuries

Sprains, strains, rashes and bites can end a fun summer day in an instant. Here are some of the most common summer-related injuries we see at Alliance Xpress, and how to prevent and/or manage the pain. 

Telehealth: How does it work? 

Are you curious about how a telehealth appointment works? It is actually quite simple and easy to use, and you will receive the same great care from Alliance Xpress Urgent Care – just from the comfort of your own home.

3 Benefits of Telehealth Appointments

Seeing a medical professional is easier than ever with Telehealth appointments! These virtual office visits provide convenience by allowing you to speak with a doctor, nurse, or other medical provider remotely.

What is Telehealth?

Below, we have answered a few common questions about this new service. If you have any questions that you do not see below, please contact us through our new Telehealth Information Page.

Benefits of being active every day

We’ve all heard the expression, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We’re not sure how accurate that statement is, but we do know that a little bit of exercise each day will help you live a healthier, happier life. 

Make the 2020s your best decade yet

It’s a new decade which means it is a great time to start making strides towards a healthier lifestyle. And at Alliance Xpress Urgent Care, our number one concern is your overall health and wellness. 

Small improvements in your eating, exercise and mental health habits can add up to a huge impact on your overall health. The following is a helpful list of health and wellness suggestions to consider in your efforts to a healthier decade.

Asthma strategy for winter

Unless you are Frosty the Snowman, cold winter air that bites your face when you step outside is one of the most unpleasant aspects of winter. For people with asthma, cold weather can be especially uncomfortable, even dangerous.

Snow shoveling can be surprisingly risky for some people

Most of us think of shoveling snow as an annoyance, not as a life threatening activity. But, studies show shoveling snow can lead to muscle aches and pains, frostbite and hypothermia, and even a heart attack.

Healthy Holiday Recipes

The holiday season can be a challenging time of year to stick to a healthy diet. With countless family dinners, office parties and potlucks with friends, the calories can add up quickly and expand our waistline.

Incorrect antibiotic use is creating a major public health challenge

With germ season upon us, we all dream of a magic pill that will make us feel better quickly. For decades, antibiotics have been that “magic pill,” treating illnesses and saving lives. But, did you know that unnecessary use of antibiotics has led to the biggest public health challenge of our time?

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